The ViaeX Advantages

The advantages of our BioClean Solutions allow us to solve most issues that current filtration systems are facing.

We are reimagining how filtration solutions can be applied; Our cost, efficiency, and applicability advantages make it possible for companies to adopt and implement our solutions easily as well as enable third world countries to obtain feasible solutions.

We can help companies and governments save billions of dollars annually while being environmentally conscious.


Significant cost savings

One of the biggest cost factors in traditional filtration systems is the electricity required to generate the required pressure to move the media through the filter. Our membranes reduce the required pressure and electricity consumption by 40% (pressure drop) compared to conventional solutions. This allows our customers to simultaneously realize major cost savings while reducing the stress on the environment.

Furthermore, the natural availability of our base material means that we can minimize material cost. Coupled with our highly scalable production processes, this allows us to sell our membranes at or below common market prices.

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Increased efficiency

Our platform enables us to create filtration systems that are up to 700% more efficient than conventional solutions. The difference in performance is largely due to a far superior performance for particulates of 400 microns or smaller. We can thus filter heavy metals, pharmaceutical residues, bacteria, viruses and almost all other possible pollutants.

On top of that, our membranes can selectively target specific substances that our customers want to filter out. We can thus ensure that desirable molecules remain in the filtered phase, reduce the number of required filtration steps in the system and further reduce the pressure drop.


Applicability and implementation

Existing filtration systems are bulky, require costly service, and are difficult to install. We have solved this problem by revolutionizing both size and composition of those systems. As a benefit of our membrane technology, we can reduce the size of filtration systems by up to 87%. Our systems only require one type of membrane whereas traditional systems commonly contain six and more different types of filter medias. This further reduces the complexity of the system, bringing down service effort and cost. 

The scalable production technology we use and the associated low cost makes it cost efficient for our customers to replace old depleted membranes and thus eliminates the need for costly and environmentally harmful cleaning procedures.



Our base material is a naturally abundant polysaccharide that is produced from shellfish waste. It is natural, non-toxic and fully biodegradable. Our goal is to complete a fully green resource cycle - starting by reducing pollution with shellfish waste.