BioClean Solutions

ViaeX's BioClean platform is based on novel physical-chemistry breakthroughs that overcome many disadvantages of traditional filtration systems by utilizing the advantages of sustainable nanotechnology.

Our BioClean Solutions increase efficiency while reducing cost; our nanotechnology maximizes the surface area of our membranes, controls the targeting of certain pollutants, and utilizes intrinsic material advantages. (5).gif

We’re bringing nanotechnology to the next generation.

Each layer of our biomimetic-nanomaterial platform is synthesized with various functionalizations to selectively target reactive agents; this enables the platform to have molecular hooks that capture, absorb, and neutralize harmful pollutants.


Increased surface area

We have managed to decrease the diameter of our fibers to just a few nanometers. In turn, we can greatly increase the ratio between total fiber surface area and media volume. A larger surface area enhances the contact area between the filter media and the pollutants. The reduction in filter density is used to further decrease the pressure drop. 

Controlled targeting

Unlike conventional solutions, our filters selectively target and filter out undesirable pollutants. Our membranes are chemically activated and customized for different applications and targets. Ionic charging during the production process further enhances targeting abilities by adding ionic selectivity. Our production technology and knowledge allow us to precisely control the pore size distribution. This enables size as a third dimension of selectivity.


Utilized intrinsic material advantages

Our filter performance is topped of by the advantages of our base material. The polysaccharide that we utilize is antimicrobial. Its excellent anti-bacterial properties enhance the filtration performance and make our membranes non-fouling. The material is natural, abundant, non-toxic and recyclable. It is FDA verified for biocompatibility.